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The objective of this book is to investigate what type of Management Leadership Philosophy to utilize to maximize saleable product output per shift and at the same time improve employer/employee relations in the turnaround of previously well-respected and established companies. Many larger companies and/or venture capital groups that were unsuccessful in understanding the corporate culture of the contract-manufacturing environment have failed after acquiring successful co-packers and attempting to transform them into marketing-manufacturing clones. The employee’s perception of the previous imposed philosophies as being unrealistic in relationship to saleable product output per shift and employee morale has led to significant decreases in these areas, as well as having caused an increase in tension between the manufacturing management and their staffs.

This book has been used as the primary course study in graduate level business programs. This work includes a text searchable index.

Also includes Goal Tracker. Goal tracker is used to set personal or business goals and track performance against the same. Can also be used to set reading objectives.

Table of Contents

1. Rationale of Contract Manufacturing
2. Up-time versus Downtime Philosophies
3. PEA-planning, execution, auditing, cycle
4. Organizational Structural Models
5. The Up-Time Organizational Structure
6. Management, Leadership and the Behavioral Sciences
7. Up-time Removes the BS from the Behavioral Sciences
8. Supplementary Motivational Systems
9. The Role of the Employee as a Professional
10. The Patterns of “Mis-management”
11. Coalesced, Authority, Power & Influence CAPI
12. Leadership


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